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Andy's Loyalty Program Teardown: The Yum Squad

What is Andy’s?

With over 100 locations in 14 states, you may find yourself at the biggest dessert-only franchise in the world! Andy’s Frozen Custard is a local-loving frozen custard shop well known for its customizable concrete concoctions.

Known not only as a fun treat stop in the summer but also as staying in touch with the locals throughout the year by sponsoring their passion-driven race cards, donations, and their spirit-week fundraisers. A prominent aspect of their company is giving back to the community they love.

With that being said, no surprise they found yet another way to give back to their faithful customers!

A new loyalty program, the fresh custard of our childhood just got better!



The slow-churned fan-favorite custard shop opened up a new loyalty program called the Yum-Squad.

They believe in clean simplicity, and you see that in their loyalty program. One dollar spent equates to one point.

There’s nothing complicated, no membership fees, and no need to keep track of your points or your purchases manually, they automatically take care of those for you.


If their old-school color scheme isn’t welcoming enough, they give their thanks with a sign-up welcome bonus just for applying. A free treat after your first visit after you complete your registration.

They won't forget your birthday! You get a free treat on your birthday just by being a part of the Yum-Squad!

The rewards you earn with the points can be, you guessed it, dessert! Reach 50 points and you get a free 5-dollar treat! All the points you rack up go towards that treat.

Along with bonus point offers!

If you love being a part of the Yum-Squad, you can refer up to 5 friends a year (or 20 in a lifetime) and receive 30 points as a thank-you, if they sign up too! You can always send the link to refer to how many times you’d like, but the rewards are limited in this aspect.

Besides the rewards themselves, you also get a heads-up on exclusive email offers, if you aren’t a part of the Yum-Squad you could miss out on discounts that are only redeemable through these email surprises.

Their Mobile App

The app isn’t only just for downloading once to get that yummy free treat, it’s conveniently compact with all you need to be in the Yum-Squad!

A progress bar to show how close you are to your next reward, effectively putting the Goal Gradient Effect into action. Meaning, showing how close you are to your reward, gives you more motivation to complete your goal and receive that 5-dollar treat once that bar is fully loaded!

When you purchase from an Andy’s store, (using the location option on the app, you can find one near you!), you can click the “Check-In '' button to receive your code. This three (or four!) digit code is what racks up your points once you show it to your cashier, and it gives you access to your mobile-payment balance.

Similar to the Starbucks app, you’re able to upload funds directly into your account for a touchless payment option!

You’re able to add funds as a one-time thing or have an automatic recharge option where you’ll never run low as it’ll transfer when your account balance is too little.

Besides the email notifications, within the app, there’s a bell option for exclusive limited-time offers, and updates on those offers to stay in the know.

The full menu, Andy’s social media apps, account history, membership card numbers, their online apparel shop, and your unique profile are all conveniently compact in their one app.


They are proud to still be here since 1986, and with this fun and easy program, they’re sure to stay here even longer, and expand their sweet legacy!

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