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Loyalty Program Teardown: The North Face


The North Face is known for its high-quality products, premium prices, and even being a familiar brand for the more prominent fashion trends throughout the years.

What about their new loyalty program?

The North Face has a new loyalty program, the XPLR Pass, to replace their VIPeaks program. It’s a more restricted loyalty program than before, but it still has its benefits.

The main difference between the XPLR program and the VIPeak program is the loyalty system, which is now only a simple point-based earning system. Each dollar spent is on point. Every 100 points are equal to ten bucks. Besides the opportunities to earn points, they offer birthday shoutouts, gifts with your purchase, discounted AllTrails Pro membership, exclusive deals, and unreleased products to test out!

The North Face Loyalty Program is available in the U.S. and Canada, with most members being people who resonate with the brand’s adventure-taking nature. They’re also looking for a way to save money on North Face products and gain access to exclusive content. They’re part of a community that helps them get more out of their gear-and this program does just that!

How can you earn points?

There are three point-earning windows customers can participate in and earn points over. That means every hundred points earned during these periods will include an additional value given to the reward worth 10 dollars. There is a maximum, however, of 50 USD per each Points Earning Window and 150 USD per year. If you were to earn more than 50 at a window, the difference would be automatically dipped onto the next window instead of just being deleted.

The windows are separated by season. The first starts in February and ends in May; you receive the reward in Summer, around the middle of June. The second begins in June and ends in September. You receive the reward in the Autumn. The last window starts in October and ends in September. The reward is issued in the Spring.

Of course, you receive XPLR Pass points for purchasing The North Face Merchandise, but other activities can cash in a few points. However, remember that points earned this way rather than through buying merchandise are only valid for a year after issuance.

Only available in the U.S

If you live in the United States; twice a month, you have an opportunity to earn 5 points, easy! All you have to do is check into a National Park or National Monument with the iOs mobile app. As many of the consumers they aim for are adventure driven, this is a pretty easy two-in-one offer.

Once per month, you can receive those 5 points by checking into any of The North Face locations around the U.S.

Also, for U.S. members, downloading the app alone is 10 points right there! No, deleting and re-downloading doesn’t give you 10 points over and over. It’s a one-time thing, folks.

For North America and Canada

Encouraging behavior that aligns with what The North Face cares so much about, the planet, is deemed point worthy in their books. A sustainable opportunity is available twice a year, which is bringing in a reusable bag when shopping at The North Face locations is worth a whopping 10 XPLR Pass Points. Associating these small habits with positive results is making a difference in their way. Another 25 points go for shopping their renewed collection; supporting their new sustainable collection is encouraging these more environmentally conscious shopping habits.

A solid 25 points are given for using a personal referral link to refer a friend to The North Face. You’re able to make an easy 100 per year four times a year, which is the limit of points you can receive a year by activities that aren’t points through purchases.

Now periodically, there are another two ways to learn up to 25 points and no less than 5 points. The amount varies, but it is a more exclusive chance. Every now and then, only chosen members would be asked to participate in either a product survey or a member survey. A member survey is to describe and answer questions regarding your membership experience in this relatively new program. The product survey is to provide honest opinions about their products, and you don’t need to purchase them, of course! They want your valued feedback.

As crucial as repeat purchases are, these are implemented for their more social members fostering a mini community for these active members.

What are the benefits?

XPLR pass members will have access to several exclusive rewards redeemable from their website or the North Face stores. Rewards are not gift cards, but they can be discounts! Joining via their website gets you 10% off your first online purchase from the get-go! You also get birthday shoutouts and gifts with purchases.

More significant than that, members get access to exclusive member-only deals, gear, and access to the member-exclusive customer service line. They have limited edition collections and cool collaborations, such as their Travis Weller collaboration!

Although, the most eye-catching reward has to be their chance to accumulate points for unique traveling opportunities. It is a high target that their demographic would aim for because the rewards are precisely suited.

They offer product field testing access. If the member doesn’t like it, they have 60 days to return! They also allow consumers to ensure the apparel is tried and appropriately tested with positive feedback before manufacturing for the public. It benefits both the members and the business and prevents the company from losing money on an item that wouldn’t do so well, and the customer feels like they played a role in something grand, so they’ll value the product much higher.

How to Redeem?

When you reach the 100 XPLR Pass Points during the Points Earning Window, the reward will be automatically given, and the points will convert into the redeemable reward on their own.

You can redeem up to two rewards per transaction, and they expire 11 months from the date they were issued to you. There are quite a few restrictions to the rewards, as there were also for earning points. This program is pretty limiting.

The rewards are as they are; you can’t transfer them nor redeem them for cash or credit. You can’t combine a reward with any promotion happening at that moment, a discount already on the product, any coupon, or any other offer except the second reward you can redeem simultaneously. When you want to redeem, you can’t redeem at any third-party retailers of The North Face products. Sorry, Ross fans.


The North Face loyalty program is a great way to get money back when you buy outdoor gear and clothes. It’s a simple and straightforward program catered well to their target market. Outdoor people love to encourage each other; having a go-to outdoor gear apparel store encourage with incentives beyond just purchases makes for a great community to all grow together.

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