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Grow Your Business.

Get more customers & more sales with the Upzaar all-in-one growth platform.

Select from a set of personalized designer-quality templates to showcase your brand online, and create advertising campaigns that help you get more orders & more loyal customers.

It's your own expert marketing & design team.

Connect with customers over email, SMS, & live chat.

Keep a direct line to your customers with personalized email & SMS campaigns. Upzaar provides you with quality branded emails that let you speak to your customers & engage your audience - all with a few clicks.

Create irresistible offers.

The Upzaar platform is fully integrated, meaning you'll be able to create an offer on your online store, promote it on social media, then build email & SMS campaigns that get your offer to the right customers.

Expert influencers at your fingertips.

Promote your new business with influencer-based marketing, all through the Upzaar influencer marketplace where you can connect with relevant influencers in your industry and grow your customer base.

Grow your business with Upzaar. Getting started is quick & easy.

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