Upzaar Loyalty

Retain your customers with a custom loyalty program

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How it works
Getting to know Upzaar Loyalty

Define when you want to give out points

Decide on what you care about most when giving out points.

Fully customizable
Custom Collection Activities
Physical or Online

Create rewards that customers will love

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Getting customers into loyalty, made simple.

Invite your customers by placing QR codes throughout your retail store. You can also deploy kiosks and invite customers via SMS & email.

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Get Upzaar

Increase repeat business quickly & easily

We offer everything to help you build a database of passionate, loyal customers that invite their friends and visit frequently.

Customized rewards
Membership tiers, levels, and benefits
Web-based or mobile-based loyalty with Upzaar Pro
Invite customers via QR code or email
Customer accounts & social login
Two-sided referral program