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Never miss an order with the Upzaar order manager app.

They're call "Hangry" customers for a reason (hungry + angry). We know how important it is for you to get notified as soon as an order is placed on your store.

Didn't see the new order notification? No problem, you'll receive a phone call a few minutes later.

Speed is important, especially for restaurants. An order delay could be the deciding factor in turning a first-time customer into a lifelong evangelist. We'll keep notifying you until someone accepts or rejects the order.

Your customer's information is never hidden.

They're your customers, that's why their phone, email, and address will never be hidden on the app. Call your customer directly with just a tap and optionally handle your own delivery.

The Upzaar Order Manager App is available on tablets or phones, for both iOS & Android devices.

Test drive the platform

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We’re so confident that once you embrace owning and operating your own online ordering, and begin to see the margin improvements on the books - you’ll never go back to doing it the old way.

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