Become an Upzaar Partner and help restaurants grow.

Earn up to $300 for every restaurant that you help bring online 

The more you help restaurants, the more you earn.

Upzaar partners earn up to 30% of every account they bring on, for 12 months. Upzaar is priced depending on how many customers a restaurant gets, so the more you help them grow, the more you earn.

Help your city’s restaurants compete & grow.

By becoming an Upzaar partner, you’ll approach restaurants, build their websites, online menus, loyalty programs and marketing campaigns that are designed to help them grow.

How it Works


Fill out the partner application

Apply using the form below.


Attend a training webinar

We’ll review your application, if it’s approved we’ll send you a link to join a training webinar.


Get Paid

At the end of the month we’ll calculate how many restaurants you brought in using your partner link, and pay out your commissions using PayPal.


Start approaching local restaurants in your city.

Once you’ve secured a restaurant using your referral link, your goal is to help them get their online store and loyalty program setup, and help support their growth.

UberEats, DoorDash, etc all charge restaurants commissions that can go as high as 30% per order.

Restaurant margins are thin.

Upzaar helps restaurants launch their own delivery, pickup, and table-side digital menus.

Why Upzaar?

We’re giving restaurants an alternative to third party delivery services.

We partner with marketing agencies, sales organizations, software houses, and most importantly, driven individuals.

Are you a food photographer, designer, or someone that already has experience dealing with restaurants?

Make engaging with your audience profitable.

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