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Restaurants Won't Magically Recover When the Economy Re-Opens.

Updated: Jun 8

Restaurants have always relied on dine-in customers. Commercial real estate rents had reached all-time highs, forcing them to cut back on table space and squeeze in more and more guests per square foot. What happens when restaurants are required to seat diners 6 feet apart?

Is it even worth it for a restaurant to restart their dining operations if they can only achieve 50% occupancy as a best-case scenario? In a world of 10% net margins, can restaurants justify the high fixed costs associated with running a full dine-in operation? Re-opening the economy is on everyone's mind, but that's when the struggle begins for most retail businesses. It's time for businesses to start looking past the lockdown. Your local steakhouse's best bet for survival may be to transform into a mini ghost kitchen, one that serves multiple delivery brands from the same location. Live chat is the new dine-in experience.


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