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24 Rules for Restaurants That Survive, & Thrive.

Updated: Jun 8

Most restaurants fail, about 80% of them. Others succeed, we’ve written up timeless rules (in no particular order of importance) that will help you build a restaurant brand that never fails. Our goal is to eventually end up with a list of community-vetted rules that restaurants and retailers can check off as they build their businesses. Please contribute new rules in the comment section!

Rule 1/ Don’t upset your customers on a regular basis.

Rule 2/ Don't let customers walk all over your staff.

Rule 3/ Avoid food ordering services that charge double-digit commissions like the plague.

Rule 4/ Treat your inventory like it’s chopped up currency.

Rule 5/ Don't let anyone hijack your brand.

Rule 6/ Use checklists religiously.

Rule 7/ Don't base your marketing strategy on discounts.

Rule 8/ Serve items that people want to share, online & offline.

Rule 9/ Make posting online a part of your daily checklists.

Rule 10/ Hire when it hurts, not when it’s convenient.

Rule 11/ Keep a small menu and by extension a small list of ingredients.

Rule 12/ Your only wastage goal should be zero%.

Rule 13/ Ditch your “social media” company.

Rule 14/ Your online ordering & online menus are as important as your in-store menus, so treat them that way.

Rule 15/ Offer delivery and pickup, no matter how fancy you think your restaurant is.

Rule 16/ Keep your food cost under 35%.

Rule 17/ Keep your rent, labor, and utility costs under 40%.

Rule 18/ Don’t open a second branch until you have lines out the door.

Rule 19/ Setup a loyalty program for repeat customers.

Rule 20/ Make sure everyone on your team understands the concept of customer lifetime value.

Rule 21/ Spend 5% of your sales on online ads.

Rule 22/ Build a customer database that you constantly communicate with.

Rule 23/ Survey customers for feedback often.

Rule 24/ Take care of your packaging.


Follow all of the above rules, and you’ll build a restaurant brand that goes on and on for years to come. We intentionally left out “serve good food”, because if you are following rules #20, and #23, you’ll have no issue coming up with a product that people love.

Did we miss anything? Contribute new rules in the comment section below.

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