It all started when we opened our own local, independent restaurant.

It started in 2012, when we operated retail shops.

In 2015, we started a local healthy chain, serving fresh salads to our community. As we grew, we noticed that the industry was shifting towards delivery aggregators that took a large commission, harming a restaurant's bottom line. Relying on them meant no profitability.We quickly moved to launching our own online ordering system, but soon realized something was missing - getting the actual order volume that aggregators send. So, we built up our marketing team, focused on providing great experiences, and most importantly - loyalty and our customer database.We found that building the right loyalty program can drive sustainable long-term volume without commissions. However, we struggled with integrating it with our in-store and online operations, so we built upzaar.The rest is history, now upzaar is a fully fledged loyalty system with built-in ordering and referrals, with fully whitelabeled experiences across vendors & customer experience. Everything we would have wanted when we operated the restaurant. The same way brands focus on interior design and building creative menus / retail offerings, we believe your customer facing online platforms deserve the same attention.Upzaar powers native & web-based ordering and loyalty experiences for different industries. It's built as an engine, so almost everything you see is customizable to your use case - that means personalized experiences where you control your customer data and online success.