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Struggling to get repeat business?

Let's reward
your most loyal customers

Taking care of passionate customers is key. They drive repeat purchases and word-of-mouth. Neglecting them can lead to loss of loyalty and damage reputation.


More likely to be recommend your brand to their friends & family.


Increased spending by happy, loyal customers across channels.


Transform the way you manage customer relationships

Start building a customer database, generate repeat business, and reward your most passionate customers.

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Offer unique loyalty commerce experiences.

Offer a personalized ordering experience that integrates loyalty, promotions, and helps you grow online.

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Everything you need to increase retention

Make your marketing dollars count.

Build a database of passionate, loyal customers that are eager to visit again & get rewarded.

Grow your business & online customer-base

Small businesses like restaurants, retailers, and salons all use Upzaar to help increase their sales by rewarding their customer-base.

Build integrated loyalty experiences on
Upzaar Headless

As a technology team, you're focused on supporting your organization with loyalty solutions. Upzaar Headless lets you deploy fully personalized, API-driven loyatly experiences.


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Completely Personalized

Upzaar Headless

Develop completely personalized API-driven loyalty & ordering experiences on Upzaar Headless. Build true omni-channel loyalty & commerce experiences into your existing marketing stack.

Multi brand support
Omnichannel Loyalty
Headless commerce
Integration support
Referral programs
Point of sale integrations
Priority Support & Account Manager
Technical integration support
API Access

Audience Builder

Build your customer database.

Cashback Rewards

Give cashback to your customers online or in-store.

Self-Service Loyalty Kiosk

Self-service ordering & loyalty kiosk.

Point Collection Activities

Assign points for what you care about the most.

Point Collection & Reward Redemption

Automatic or manual point collection.

Gift Cards

Offer gift cards & in-store redemption.

Membership Levels & Loyalty Tiers

Create membership levels in your loyalty program.

Customer Referral Program

Grow by letting customers refer each other.

Customer Accounts & Social Login

Login with Google, Apple, Facebook.

Custom Rewards

Offer your own custom rewards.

Custom Digital Loyalty Cards

Design your digital loyalty card.

Audience Builder

Build your customer database.

Products & Variants

Mangae products, variants, and add-ons.

Self-Service Loyalty Kiosk

Self-service ordering & loyalty kiosk.

Delivery Fee Management

Manage your delivery fees & zones for online orders.

Gift Cards

Offer gift cards & in-store redemption.

Order Manager App

Get notified whenever you get an order.

Opening Hours

Set when your online store is open or closed for orders.

Customer Digital Wallet

Offer a customer digital wallet to track balances.

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