Offer Your Customers Gift Cards So They Can Share Their Love for You

Selling gift cards through Upzaar will allow your customers a new, personalized way to interact with your brand by allowing them to gift their loved ones from the brand they love.

Offer Customers Different Price Points

Allow for different price points for customers to choose from, giving them plenty of options to choose the gift value that is most appropriate for the situation.

Enable Customers to Attach a Personalized Message With Their Gift Card

To make gifting more personal, allow customers to add a personal message to their gift card, creating a more meaningful experience for their loved ones.

Easily Send, Receive, Accept or Reject, and Redeem Gift Cards

Upzaar's user-friendly interface allows customers to easily manage their gift cards, including sending, receiving, accepting, rejecting, and redeeming, enabling them to seamlessly add the money to their wallet and start spending.