Engage Your Customers and Encourage Loyalty With Tiers

Reward your most loyal customers through Upzaar’s loyalty tiers feature

Define Your Own Tiers

Set your own membership levels by defining the minimum and maximum points for each one. Once you define the tier brackets, you can easily access each customer's membership level. The system will place the customers where they belong based on the points they have. Making it easy to keep track of loyal customers.

Choose Tier Specific Rewards

Create unique redeemable rewards for each tier level. Once the customer reaches a new level, they will be able to redeem special rewards fit for their grand achievement. Encouraging clients to continue working toward level upgrades.

Offer tier members special benefits

Give your customers benefits they will be able to enjoy when they reach a specific tier. With this feature, customers will be able to enjoy perks when interacting with your business as they move up the levels. Benefits offered are up to your unique business needs and can include discounts, point multiplier benefits, or standard benefits.