Never Miss an Order With Upzaar

Customers demand food delivery within an hour, so speedy delivery is critical to retention. Upzaar's seamless order management system helps you keep customer satisfaction high by enabling faster order fulfillment.

Get Notified of Orders as They Come Through, and Accept or Reject Them Without Any Wasted Time

Upzaar will notify you whenever you receive an order until you accept or reject it, ensuring that you respond to your customers as quickly as possible.

Not Paying Attention? No Problem!

With the Upzaar app, if you don’t see your notifications, you will get an automated call to alert you of your pending orders.

Browse Your Orders and Access Your Customer Information Easily

Using Upzaar, you can easily access and print your orders, as well as customer information to improve communication, build a customer list, and streamline the order preparation and delivery process.