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Loyalty Memberships

Total loyalty memberships in the United States


Omnichannel Experiences

of companies are focused on building omnichannel loyalty


Loyalty participation

Over 75% of adult consumers participate in loyalty programs.


Lost Revenue

Huge amount of lost revenue due to customers switching brands

Build True Omnichannel Loyalty

Upzaar offers a simple, powerful API to help you offer online and in-store loyalty with unified member accounts across channels.

Unified Member Accounts
Web & Mobile
Integrate in as little as one week

Offer Customized Loyalty Experiences

Offer a personalized and rewarding shopping experience. By offering loyalty rewards, customers can earn points, discounts, or other incentives for their purchases, increasing their motivation to shop at your store.

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B2B Loyalty

Multi-Brand B2B 

Upzaar has been designed from the ground up to support multi-brand loyalty. That enables you to build B2B2C loyalty experiences for your clients.

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Our GraphQL API enables you to build personalized loyalty & commerce experiences.